the real deal

So the fake psychologist but real GP found a real psychologist by calling her mates.

I am thankful for that.

In the run up to my “real” first session with a psychologist I was reminded of my financial worries. From a customer relationship point of view I would handle this differently if I was a psychologist, but I am not.

I had a brief phone call with the psychologist Johanna to confirm the date & time and then we moved to text messages. Ok, with me. I am a text message type of guy. The next message was a reminder to pay the session fee upfront and to bring the referral letter from the GP. Yep. Can do that.

Today then the big day. My first session. Everything as I expected. A small cosy room in an old style office building in the city centre of Melbourne.

Two comfy chairs, small table, sofa along the wall and a desk.

Jo the psychologist and I sit in the comfy arm chairs and it started with a question about me having to provide some background and info on why I am there.

About 60min later we were pretty much done. I talked most of the time and Jo was listening attentively. Most of my story was where I come from, how I grew up, what I did in the last 40 years, what worries me.

This sounds pretty straight forward but it wasn’t. I cried a lot. A lot. A grown up 43 year old crying. A lot.

Anyway, we were done and agreed on a next session. To find out if we fit together. Fit as in doctor/patient fit.

I liked that statement.

Jo also recommended a book to me which I should read.

I downloaded it on the way home to my iPad. More about the book later.

So in summary I feel relieved. I am none the wiser but somehow it feels good to have spoken to someone who listened and listened and listened.

I remember at the end Jo said one really important thing to me:

“Don’t worry we’ll get to the bottom of this”

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