the fake psychologist

This is a rather funny story. You can tell, today I feel a bit more upbeat. Partly because the “shrink” has given me a sick note taking me out of work for all next week. Sort of feels good. But back to this morning.

I arrived pretty early. It felt good not to wear a frickin suit on the way to the city. I took the bus and felt genuinely sorry for all the rat-racers on the bus. You poor souls. Somehow part of my feelings also are about anger. A lot of anger and I am annoyed with a lot of things.

  • The teenager that doesn’t get up when an old woman enters the bus and pretends he is reading shit on his iPhone.
  • The fucking bus driver who pulls up at the curb as if he was in the 24hrs of Le Mans race only to continue driving and honking like a total twat as if we were on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.
  • And more but this isn’t about public transport so let’s continue.

So I had the pleasure of seeing a shrink for the first time in my life. Don’t worry I’ll stop with this shrink wording in a bit.

Dr. J. was nice. Well she didn’t say much I was just a bit confused at the beginning why she asked me: “What can I do for you today”

Pretty weird way of starting a “session” I thought. But then, what do I know. I know this sort of stuff only from TV.

Anyway after an hour of me crying and telling her some of my story she then says to me: well, well I see. I think I will refer you to a colleague of mine. She is a psychologist.

I really had to ask her what she meant by that and what the difference between her and the “other” psychologist was?

Well she said as a GP “I am looking after your overall health and a psychologist helps you with your depression.”

Well, thanks for the explanation. I was too tired to explain to her that I perfectly knew what a psychologist does for a living and that I actually assumed that she was one.

So somehow I cried my heart out to a GP wrongly assuming she was a professional shrink.

The best part of this story is that she immediately prescribed antidepressants (more about that later) and following my life story where I also mentioned some of the current financial challenges I am going through at the moment. She charged me $220 for a “extended consultation”

Working well so far. Something must have gone wrong when my wife arranged the appointment for me.

Never mind. Next week no work.

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