talk with HR

Just walked into the office building. Dropped my stuff on my desk and went over to our HR manager, basically to say I am back. They were worried a bit when I sent them the email last week that I had hit a wall. I was quite surprised when he got up from his chair, hugged me and a asked if I was ok.

First time in my life I said: “no, I am not ok, but thank you for asking”

He took me aside and we had a long chat. Me again sitting there crying my heart out. Jeez, what is this fuck with the constant crying??

I was very positively surprised with his support and some of the comments he made. Didn’t have him down for the emotional, understanding type of guy.

I am now sitting in the bathroom writing this because it feels pretty awkward sitting at my desk in our open space office. I have a feeling everyone knows and thinks I am a nutcase.

He offered to talk to my boss and explain my current situation so I don’t have to explain the same thing again.

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